I am behind on my credit card payment by nearly two months, need so help?

BT_1999 asked:

I am behind on my credit card payment by two months this last payment was due the fourth, and I am planning on making a payment when I get paid this week. . . Is there anything else I need to do? I ran into some hard time financially.


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8 Responses to I am behind on my credit card payment by nearly two months, need so help?

  1. debt says:

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    Call your CC company and let them know that you plan on making a late payment. Ask them about your options.

  2. credit cards says:

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    watch a movie called “Maxed Out” Very informative.

  3. debt consolidation loans

    Call the credit card company and let them know that you realize you’ve missed two payments, but you’re sending one in now. They’ll be happy you called (if not, hang up on her) and even more happy that you now have to pay the added late fees and finance charges.

  4. credit card

    1st go out and get 2 more jobs. pizza , newspaper delivery. get a real budget cut cable anything not making u money.
    read ‘total money make over’ d. ramsey – apply it.
    got a car loan? sell it. buy cash car. sell anything not blood related of value.
    burn up ur credit slave cards.
    pay minimum on all , add extra on smalllest balance till paid off then next one.
    you will win more often that way.

  5. credit card says:

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    CALL YOUR CREDITORS and give them a heads up!

    Don’t let their imaginations run wild.

    How can you tell US your intentions before you tell the people who granted your credit in the first place?

  6. debt loans says:

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    I’m sure you already know that you need to hurry up and pay it. Your heading towards default. I would pay more than the minimum required payment and I would follow it up with a letter of explanantion. Keep a copy for your files, because you will need to know what you told them in the future.

    After 6 months to a year of timely payments contact your CC company in writing with a goodwill letter and maybe they will remove the late pays from your credit report. Those late payments are sure credit score droppers.

    My rule of thumb for falling onto hard times is to pay at least the minimum to those accounts that report to the credit bureaus and then contact your other companies, i.e., utilities, and phone, and make a payment arrangement.

    If you have good credit you can always borrow money to pay off those small bills.

    Good luck to you.

  7. credit says:


    I agree. Since two months are gone, the CC company is probably having a hissy fit. They may get an itchy finger to push the cancel button, and probably worse.

    Just explain it to them and send at least the minimum payment asap.

  8. consolidation loan

    Put yourself on a written budget.

    Make sure the important stuff is paid first:
    Nobody gets a dime until the food, rent, and light bill is paid up.