Credit Crunch Spa Days – Where to Find the Best UK Discounts

Raakhee Tailor asked:


With the credit crunch in full swing, is the UK spa industry feeling the pinch? This multi-billion pound industry has traditionally been the realm of the rich and famous.  However with discounted spa days and spa breaks now available … Continue reading

What the Credit Crunch Means for You

Richard Greenwood asked:

a saying among economists, “When America sneezes, the world catches a cold”. This means that if the US experiences an economic downturn then so does the rest of the world. This saying certainly seems true at current times with the … Continue reading

A Cheeky Vacation Idea to Beat the Credit Crunch

Liz Egger asked:

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With the global money system going nuts and the future uncertain, many of us will be examining our personal finances like never before, and it’s inevitable that sooner or later the cost of the annual family vacation will … Continue reading

Credit Repair Company – Are they Trustworthy?

Credit Repair Company – Are they Trustworthy?by Justin HazlerMany credit repair companies make bold claims to fix your credit report. They claim that no matter what the individual’s credit problems are, the company can fix them. Is this true?

No, fraudulent credit repair companies exist and take advantage of individuals … Continue reading

Credit Crunch Craze

Mike Wright asked:

Last week the credit crunch continued to dominate headlines with banks and housing stocks being hit the hardest. The Bank of England’s Governor King

alluded to the situation being akin to a ‘run on the banks’. Specifically he was referring … Continue reading