How to Use an Early Retirement Plan to Secure your Future

Scott Taylor asked:

It is worth trying to define exactly what early retirement means since expectations vary. During the 1980’s, many large employers used their well-funded pension schemes to pay for laying off workers in their fifties by giving them early retirement.

In fact many … Continue reading

Top 7 International Real Estate Markets

Real Estate Advisor asked:

Based on several factors that include lifestyle, retirement, opportunities for fun and investment, International Living magazine has chosen the world’s seven hot spots for 2007. Still virtually unnoticed by the world’s tourists, these seven regions are the best international real … Continue reading

Finding A Reliable Car From Police Auto Auctions


The majority of average citizens are not aware that most police agencies, including your local town’s police department, your county Sheriff’s department, as well as the law enforcement agencies at the state and federal levels, have massive amounts of property of … Continue reading

5 Things to Bring to a Car Auction

Monique Tarver asked:

So, you’ve found a car auction located near your home. You’re ready to go and excited about the possibility of getting the car of you dreams for hundreds and even thousands of dollars less than what you would pay at a … Continue reading

Your Best Sources is the Internet Auto Auction!

manitmehramafia asked:

If you are searching for a public auto auction in California, also known as the Golden State, there are several sources from where you can get information. One of your best sources is the Internet, where you can find a lot of … Continue reading