Best Debt Consolidation, The Easy Way to Pay Off Loan

Everybody wants to pay low payment or to consolidate the loan in an easy way. So everybody goes for a cheaper and low consolidated loan. This is the best way to get an easy loan. Have a look at it.
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Debt exemption in Hawaii

I live in Hawaii.
I have credit card debt $30,000. Some of monthly payment for these credit cards are extremely delayed.

I have a car secured by automobile loan company. Remaining loan amount is $15,000, but the actual market value of the car $12,000.
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Understanding Reverse Mortgages

MLS Reverse Mortgage asked:

Seniors today often live with a great deal of financial uncertainty. The retirement they imagined may not be consistent with the reality they face.

Incomes are flat or declining, living and medical expenses are higher than ever and few … Continue reading

Retirement Planning. Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail

William Smith asked:

All Americans know that retirement planning is vitally important. We know that pensions are a thing of the past, and that Social Security is likely to be “reformed” so that it does not provide the same benefits it once did.

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Why Purchase Long Term Care Insurance?

by Terry Stanfield

Nothing in our lives is static, least of all our own ability to care for ourselves. Eventually, as we age, the need to have a long-term care solution becomes increasingly important. However, long-term care insurance does not have to only apply to the elderly. Christopher Reeve, who … Continue reading

Big and Serviceable is the New Home Motto

by Caden Flynn

Though we have this image of families from yesteryear living in large Victorian-style houses, the truth is that homes across the developed world are getting larger on average than they’ve ever been. In Australia the average home size has increased nearly 40% in just the past two … Continue reading