Are Debt Consolidation Companies Necessary?

Being debt-fee is definitely a big challenge. Not everyone who is stuck in bad credit is confident and capable enough to execute his own debt reduction plan. In fact, many people with huge debts on their accounts have no idea on what to do to overcome their debt problem. Are … Continue reading

Debt Consolidation For Bad Credit – How to Do

Debt is one of the most tension full things for consumers. At some point in time because of some urgent need consumers commit a mistake of taking debt and it keep on growing with every passing day because of high interest rates, late payment penalties and with annual charges. Debt … Continue reading

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Anyone has heard of Rancho Credit Management in Encinitas, CA?
I have received a letter that I owe quite large amount to them, with original creditor indicated.
I straight to Better Business Bureau site, but could not locate them. They even do not have website, etc.
First … Continue reading

It’s Easy to Get Out of Several Debts Thanks to the Debt Consolidation Loan

Nowadays debt becomes a huge problem for many people because it is not easy to pay off all the debts in full. Debt Consolidation Loan is the best way to pay off all the debts. There are lots of people who have already been paying money to their existing loans. … Continue reading

W. Buffett Shares His Secret Formula (Part 3)

by Martin Sejas

This third part of this series focuses on another important element of Warren Buffett’s hugely successful methodology – return on equity (ROE). Now, you may have heard the term “return on equity” before. It’s not a relatively new concept, and it is one that is commonly used … Continue reading