Do You Have No Collateral & Bad Credit? How to Secure Consolidation Loans With Bad Credit

There is nothing worse than seeing bankruptcy looming in the months ahead. Rather than sitting there and waiting for it, if you have a bad credit score and don’t have any collateral to use as security for the banks, you have not exhausted all possibilities. You can still use tools … Continue reading

Learn Some Secrets That Could Save You From Foreclosure

by Chris Simpson

Foreclosure is amongst one of the worst things that could ever happen to you and your family. As such you may not be all that willing to have a conversation with it with your partner. Although it isn’t a pleasant topic it is still important that married … Continue reading

What You Know About Government Auto Auctions?

mukesh rana asked:

Government auto auctions can be your answer to this situation: You may have felt a sense of envy whenever you stop at a traffic light intersection and see a sleek BMW stopping next to you. Before you accelerate from your … Continue reading

Finding a Competitive Debt Consolidation Loan Online

Consolidating your debts using a secured loan could reduce your monthly payments significantly, especially if you have large balances on credit cards, hire purchase agreements or unsecured loans. Searching for a competitive secured loan and reducing the overall APR you are paying across your existing debt means you could increase … Continue reading

Has anyone used Greenpoint for DMP??

Am looking for a debt management company and was wondering if anyone has looked in to or used Greenpoint and what was your experience? (I searched this board, but found only older responses – from 2006.)

I’ve also contacted Tandamp;C and have seen much feedback on them. Am now interested … Continue reading

Debt Settlement Helps Eliminate Credit Card Debt and Avoid Bankruptcy

It’s a terrible feeling knowing that you’re falling behind on your credit card bills. It is extra stress piling up on your already stressful life. If you are having a hard time keeping up with bills, or are falling behind on payments, debt settlement can help you lower your debt … Continue reading