Is Debt Consolidation a Debt Solution?

Mike Kelly asked:

You will find many companies undertaking providing solutions to debt in the UK, you will see promotional details encouraging the debtor an instant call to eliminate all their debt problems. You will also see debt advertisements, debt related books for … Continue reading

Finding a Non-Profit Organization to Consolidate Your Debt

Finding a nonprofit consolidation debt agency is not as difficult as you might think. This article will discuss a couple critical factors to consider if you are looking for a good agency to go with.

Mortgage Cycling – Brilliant or Risky

George Burk asked:

With mortgage rates near 20-year lows, competition in the mortgage industry is fierce. It seems like every day a new mortgage loan strategy comes out that is suppose to be the best thing since sliced bread. Whether it’s a mortgage … Continue reading

Easy Cash Control – On Your iPhone?

Personal finance management isn’t fun, but it’s a necessary evil to avoid losing track of your spending habits… Luckily, iPhone apps are always kinda fun. It makes it a little easier to stay up-to-date on finances when you can just bring up an app and do a quick check. Having … Continue reading

How to Earn from the Credit Crunch?

Musa Aykac asked:

We are heading for a major credit crunch scenario by the time the new year rolls in. We have already spent much more than we did lat year, and with the rocketing prices in oil and food things are set … Continue reading

Building Wealth A Dream for Everyone

by Caden Flynn

There’s no denying that we all want to be wealthy. For many of us this may seem like nothing more than a pipe dream, and realistically we can’t all be as wealthy as the next person, but we can improve our wealth at the very least, to … Continue reading