Mortgage Rates Down For Fourth Straight Week

Ki Gray asked:

For the month of October we saw rates bouncing up and down pretty wildly. For the month of November we have not seen any large one week changes but a steady trend downward. The 30 year mortgage rate has moved … Continue reading

Seven Myths About Debt You Might Believe (at Your Peril)

Jo Ann LeQuang asked:

t is a common problem in our culture today, it is not always discussed in a productive way. In fact, it is often not discussed at all. That means that most of us worry a lot about debt, but … Continue reading

Debtmatters: No More Debts Threats

Debtmatters: No More Debts Threatsby Mike King
If you are surrounded by too many creditors then finances can become very difficult to manage. You tend to borrow from a new creditor to pay to an already existing one. Thus instead of clearing your debts you often end up increasing … Continue reading