The 5 Big Mistakes Made When People Consolidate Debt Loans – Stop the Banks From Taking Your Money

Do you want to see more money back in your pocket on a regular basis? Find out the ways to achieve this through private loan consolidation and through avoiding the 5 mistakes I discuss in this article.
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Maintaining Control of Your Investment Money

Maintaining Control of Your Investment Moneyby Bob Sparrow
Even though investing can be fun and exhilarating the young investor must understand that there are some very basic rules that need to be followed. Making money can be extremely fun, but loosing money can sometimes set you back in life … Continue reading

Mortgage Rates Down For Fourth Straight Week

Ki Gray asked:

For the month of October we saw rates bouncing up and down pretty wildly. For the month of November we have not seen any large one week changes but a steady trend downward. The 30 year mortgage rate has moved down … Continue reading