Debt Free Help – Ask for it

Catherine Brown asked:

Being debt free is almost like a dream for some and more and more people are seeking help to become debt free. The concept of having credit available, using it wisely or not at all, saving religiously and planning for … Continue reading

Mortgage Rates Down For Fourth Straight Week

Ki Gray asked:

For the month of October we saw rates bouncing up and down pretty wildly. For the month of November we have not seen any large one week changes but a steady trend downward. The 30 year mortgage rate has moved … Continue reading

Seven Myths About Debt You Might Believe (at Your Peril)

Jo Ann LeQuang asked:

t is a common problem in our culture today, it is not always discussed in a productive way. In fact, it is often not discussed at all. That means that most of us worry a lot about debt, but … Continue reading

Debtmatters: No More Debts Threats

Debtmatters: No More Debts Threatsby Mike King
If you are surrounded by too many creditors then finances can become very difficult to manage. You tend to borrow from a new creditor to pay to an already existing one. Thus instead of clearing your debts you often end up increasing … Continue reading