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Free public auto auction are a mystery to some and it’s no surprise… You always hear about them save people tons of money but never from those who attend. So, you might be kind of nervous about going to one. But don’t worry, just keep reading and you’ll know exactly what to expect when you get there and will be able to drive away in the car of your dreams for way less than what you would pay elsewhere.

Free public car auctions are no different from any other auction whether online like eBay or offline like a silent options. The only difference is that they only sell cars. When you get there you will be allowed to inspect any car you want to about an hour or two before the auctions starts. It is also during this time that you’ll be required to register for a bidding number/card. This is very important if you plan on buying a car that day because you can’t bid on anything without it. So don’t forget to register!

After the inspection and registration time the public auto auction will begin. Then everybody gathers in front of the auction block and cars are brought to the front one at a time for you to bid on. You place you bid by simply raising your bidding card and somebody else out bids you by raising their card. This continues until the price eliminates bidders and there is only one left. The last bid wins.

If you are the winning bidder, you’ll then go to the office to pay for your car and fill out the necessary paperwork such as transfer of title and registration. Most auctions will allow you to put down a down payment and pay the rest within the next day or two. If you don’t pay your balance within that time the sale is then void and your deposit is lost. So make sure you have enough to pay for whatever you bid on because it is a legally binding contract!

After you’ve paid your car off in full, you can then drive off the lot happy and knowing you got a good deal. Plus, nobody ever has to know you paid way less than what it’s really worth.

Want to find the best free public auto auctions in your state that will save you $1000′s? Visit MyCarAuctionReview.com for info on the most popular car auction lists around with guaranteed listings in every state.

So, going to a free public auto auction doesn’t have to be such a mystery anymore. All you have to do is inspect the car, register, bid, pay for it and then drive off the lot! You can also expect to receive your new license plates, pink paper and registration in the mail within 2-3 weeks. Now, all you have to do is find one near you!

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Oct 31

Finance Wizard-Is That The Career You’re Looking For?by MsMimee
Careers in finance remain very lucrative and very exciting jobs in the white collar world, but what exactly is needed to become a professional in this field? 1st., a degree in financing or accounting is a very valuable step in getting hired by most all corporations as a finance wizard.

Accounting and finance jobs can be jump started by having a good knowledge of where exactly in finance you would like to find yourself in. You should really consider the many fields in finance, wherein your particular expertise or interests may lie.

Corporate finance wizards are involved in working for companies and handling the financial side of their operations. A company’s long term growth often depends on the stable handling of their finances and acquisitions, steady business growth as well as in the more short-term aspects of handling the company’s current available funds. As a career corporate finance wizards are responsible for making a company profitable and keeping it profitable.

You could also consider one of the many jobs in banking. Again, you have to find the right position to get into depending on you’re interests. There are a variety of jobs ranging from a bank teller to bank manager and working in either investment or in commercial banking.

If you are more of a people person, then you could find work that involves talking to people, finding out their needs and how to help them. If number crunching is more in line with your interests, then you could work in investment banking and assist firms in raising funds or creating projections regarding business mergers.

Perhaps working in real estate could be right for you. Real estate is particularly valuable because banks and other financial institutions use land as collateral. Real estate-related jobs typically entail being a good judge of the value of land and properties. This could also mean a lot of travel for you and seeing new places as well as talking to the people in those places.

Would you like to work in the area of insurance? Job functions in insurance involve helping companies and individuals maintain security and prevent losses to their properties. Security is such a valuable commodity especially for large companies. Even other areas in finance require insurance of their own. Banking, for instance has its own risks and thus banks usually require the security provided by insurance firms. This security itself can be prized as a solid commodity.

Banks, even though they might not be suffering a risk of collapse could indeed collapse if its clients construe the bank as lacking security.Therefore a finance wizard is a must. For individuals, the field of insurance gives a measure of security through a variety of policies like life insurance plans, fire insurance plans, as well as sets the car career finance insurance rate for the family and house insurance rates. In insurance and in the other fields of finance, you might be able to find the perfect career path for you.

With the great diversity in careers in finance available and actual new job functions being established as a finance wizard, as dictated by the constantly varying needs of the clients, then surely there is a spot in this field just right for you, your talents, skills, and interests.
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MsMimee is a seeker of life changing revelations! Brand new technology now allows anyone to become RICH very quickly. So, become a Financial Wizard and have fun doing it! Also, go see the best internet business!

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Oct 30

So many Americans find themselves in financial stress due to the recession. Calling on the services of a debt settlement company to negotiate on your behalf can allow all of your payments to be wrapped into one monthly payment payable to the debt settlement company.
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