How does a Guaranteed 200% ROI in 54 Days Sound to You?

Unbelievable right?  Yeah, me too. Click Here!

If something sounds too good to be true then it probably is.  And you should stay away.

OK, we all know that but there is still something almost mystical about an offer which promises that sort of return isn’t there?

I found a website where the owner, Anthony Green, talks about how he can teach you to become a successful trader on the stock market.  Not Day Trading but proper value investing where you learn how to follow a 5 step process to pick stocks, when to buy and when to sell.  In short he teaches you how to become a proper stock market trader.

Now that is something which you probably want to learn more about, I know I do.

This is no GRQ scheme, that’s Get Rich Quick for those who haven’t seen that before.  But it is pretty fast, he talks about turning $1,000 into $1,000,000 in around 5 years.  How to be making $100,000 in your first year with his system. Click Here!

To me those numbers seem do-able.  I know that there are huge amounts of cash floating around the stock markets of the world, this is only a tiny percentage of the available money so I can tell that Anthony isn’t trying to tell you that you can be in the top 3% of traders in a year, that would be stretching credibility way too far.

But that isn’t 200% ROI in 54 days is it.  How do I figure that one out?

Simple really, Anthony has a 100% refund on your purchase of his training manual if you decide it isn’t for you.  So what?  Most of the products on sale have a 100% refund policy.  It’s pretty much mandatory for anything online these days so what’s the twist?

Anthony has added an additional $200 cash payment to you if you grab the refund in the 54 day period.  Actually that makes it better than a 200% ROI because you get your investment back as well.

Too good to be true?  More to the point, what have you got to lose?  Absolutely nothing and you stand to make at least $200 regardless of if you use the information or get a refund.

Too easy, money for old rope. Click Here!

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