How to Get the Best Deal From a Salvage Cars Auction

Clint Jhonson asked:

If you have been contemplating on buying a car and looking for a good deal then salvage cars auctions or salvage yards are the place for you. But before you run to the nearest salvage car auction and start bidding, … Continue reading

Auto Auctions Have Increased In Popularity


With the strong growth and widespread presence of eBay, the titan of online auction houses, buying and selling through auctions has become more acceptable, more commonplace and more accessible to millions. Even though there have been auto auctions for many … Continue reading

Buy Cars at 90 Percent Off – the Truth About Police Auto Auction

Sergey asked:

The police department many a times seizes and confiscates cars. But not always are the cars auctioned at the police auto auctions obtained by such confiscation of cars due to illegal activities pursued with their help. There often are cars at … Continue reading

The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Used Car From An Auto Auction

Gina Sarento asked:

Are you in the market for a new used car? If you are, have you ever thought about attending an auto auction? Each year, a relatively large number of individuals walk away with a quality used car from an auto … Continue reading

Seized Auto Auctions – Find a Quality Auto for 90% Off

Davion W asked:

Wondered why people can afford to buy high end vehicles like BMW and Mercedes? Seized auto auctions could be where they have bought their flashy cars. While there are always the wealthy who can afford to buy brand new cars … Continue reading

Auto Auctions are the Quickest Way for Banks!

Paul Anndy asked:

The Surprising Truth: Anyone with the right resources can participate in the same auctions as the dealers!

Think about it. How much could you save if you bypassed the dealers and purchased directly from their sources? 30%, 50%, maybe even … Continue reading