Credit Card Debt Settlement – How to Successfully Negotiate With Creditors

Most people in dire circumstances put their credit card debt out of their minds, hoping it will magically vanish. This is a terrible way to approach your finances. Turn around, face your debt, and work to get it out of your way.
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How to Deal With Free Debt Consolidation Services?

Free debt consolidation services are one of the good options in case you’ve decided to get rid of your accumulated loans and wanted to streamline your finances. There are several options available to you. You can get help either online or by approaching any bank or financial institutions. However, there … Continue reading

Essential Skills for Managing Debt

by William Blake

When many people think of debt management, they think of rearranging their budget so that they can pay off debts. But there is more to it than that. In fact, debt management is most effective when it’s done before debts get out of hand.

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Mortgage After a Short Sale

James McKerr asked:

Getting a mortgage after a short sale can seem like a waste of time. However do not despair if you take the right action it is perfectly possible to get a mortgage after going through a short sale. In this … Continue reading

Stop Ignoring Debt Collectors and Start Working With Them

by William Blake

If you’re drowning in debt, it makes life much more difficult. You have trouble getting credit for the things you need, and you probably spend a lot of time trying to juggle your finances. And then there is the matter of debt collectors calling day in and … Continue reading