Luxuries of Out of Control Spending – Being Broke

Luxuries of Out of Control Spending – Being Brokeby Eric Jilson
Just because you want to have what the neighbors have, isn’t a reason to rack up the credit cards and spend more than what you earn. Learning a budget for your home is a good idea.

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Family Budget: Budget Tips for Today’s Families.

With prices of commodities increasing day by day it is proper to make your very own strategic plan on maximizing your financial resources and making sure that every penny earned is well spent.   In other words, you need to make a Continue reading

How Consumer Debt Consolidation Can Help You

We all want to live comfortably: buy our own picket-fenced house somewhere in the suburb, own a car or two, purchase beautiful clothes and shoes, send our kids to the best schools there are, and save money to tide ourselves in the future. We work hard and plan carefully in … Continue reading

Get Out of Debt in 2009 – Debt Reduction Tips

Getting out of debt in 2009 may be harder than it has been in the past. But, there are still ways to do it. It’s just going to take some extra footwork finding the right help and more self-discipline when cutting back on luxuries.
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My Credit Crunch Survival Tips

Karen Lloyd asked:

The definition of the credit crunch is a sudden fall in the amount of cash available from loans, or from the sudden increase in the cost of accessing loans from banks.

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