U.S. Real Estate Forecast From A Supply

Real Estate Advisor asked:

On any given day, people can easily find articles and news stories describing an impending bust of the so-called real estate bubble. Despite this gloomy prediction, many experts believe that the recent slowdown in housing will be a gradual … Continue reading

30 Practical Ways to Cut Expenses

by Judy Turner

The times are oh-so-bad and recession or depression or a slowdown (whatever you may call it) is upon us. Well, this world is all about survival of the money savers and so, save we must – here are 30 practical ways of cutting expenses and saving big:

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Corporate Insolvency along with Liquidation

If your sector enters into a state regarding long-term equilibrium and also takes a sharp slide down, your efficient corporate insolvency will likely be made to sell it’s product or service for no more to guarantee it’s nutrition and success. Alternatively, those business businesses perform simply by inadequate operations … Continue reading

What is the Credit Crunch? and What Can I Do About It?

Ana Carter asked:

September 2008 will be remembered as the month that the credit crunch started to bite. ?  And what can I do about it?

In August, 67% of small-business owners said they’d been affected by the credit crunch, compared with 55% … Continue reading

Strategies For Buying Real Estate In A Slow Market

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The real estate market tends to be cyclical with some periods favoring buyers and other periods favoring sellers. As with other free markets, the pricing and availability of real estate is directly related to the forces of supply and … Continue reading