U.S. Real Estate Forecast From A Supply

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On any given day, people can easily find articles and news stories describing an impending bust of the so-called real estate bubble. Despite this gloomy prediction, many experts believe that the recent slowdown in housing will be a gradual … Continue reading

2006: U.S. Cities With Overvalued Real Estate And Home Prices

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Buying a home is a big-time real estate investment and has to be done with great prudence. Knowing where not to buy a home is as important as are the dos and don’ts of buying a home.

Of the … Continue reading

With Automated Forex Trading System Software, Part time forex traders and newbie’s can save lot of time and money

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There are many tools available to the FOREX trader for analyzing the market as well as for buying and selling currencies.  Software tools are a necessary part of FOREX because of its volume and volatility.  Software can be used to … Continue reading