Aussies can save $2,300 by doing this, if you qualify.

Can 'Going Green' with your loans save you money?

The answer to that question is a definite maybe.

In the first place you have to qualify for a 'green loan'.

If you do then the interest rate charged will be lower than the rate for a similar but non-qualifying loan.

A lower interest rate will save you money over the life of the loan.

Of course, smarter people don't borrow money for small purchases or to buy things that are not assets, like motor vehicles.

Some people can write their loan cost off against their taxable income, but most cannot.

The biggest problem with this approach is to manipulate people into spending their money in ways that somone else has decided is best for you.

I see this as the thin edge of a very large wedge where personal options are progressively removed to drive you in the direction that the elite want you to go.

The media have already decided which way they want you to vote at the next election and are choosing to only promote negatives about the Coalition and positives about Labor.

They are following the playbook that they used in the last USA election where Trump was lambasted repeatedly and Biden was promoted.

If you are happy to be led by the nose to whatever decision the elites want you to make then don't look behind the curtain or up at the strings attached to you.


Yahoo Finance - Business finance, stock market, quotes, news wrote:

“When it comes to reducing your financial environmental footprint, many providers have introduced green options, designed to reward the eco-conscious consumer with competitive rates and added benefits.”

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