Black Friday Specials

Some of you will be interested in the Black Friday deals so I have gathered what I think are the best offers available at the moment.

First up is the Tony Shepherd collection.

I have been a follower of Tony’s for several years now and he is a really genuine person, he answers his emails himself.  Not many marketers do that you know.

He has always told the truth as far as I can tell and the products he releases are mostly his own.  He just tells you what he does to make money online and is extremely transparent about it.

Pretty cool.  OK, the offer.  This collection is a massive discount.  There are 8 products in this collection.  They normally sell for $17 each so this is total value of $136 worth of value but this collection is only $36 but only until 23:59 Eastern on 26th November.

These are the titles:-

  • Replace Your Salary With an Online Business
  • Creating Infoproducts That Sell
  • How To Really Profit from PLR & White Label Products
  • The Best IM Business Models That Work
  • How To Create Impossible To Ignore Sales Angles
  • How To Build A Responsive Email List From Scratch
  • Start Your Own High Ticket Coaching Program
  • “Stuff” I Have Learned About Building a 6 Figure Business

If you think you’ll get value from these, and you will, then the link to click now is this one – Get the Tony Shepherd Collection.

The next great offer comes from the Noble Samurai team.  I have had the Market Samurai app for years and I use it regularly to find great keywords for my promotions.  I don’t use it as well as I should.

They now have another excellent product that I have bought recently which makes the creation of content videos a cinch.

Then they came out with their Black Friday special and I was ticked off because now, until midnight, you can get Content Samurai at the normal price but they have added in Market Samurai, Vidsy Copywriting, Question Samurai & Video Blueprints to the bundle.

You’ll have to move fast to get this one but do it now if you are serious about ramping up your marketing efforts and making seriously good sales in the next 12 months.  This is the body of the email they sent to me.

… this is your absolute LAST CHANCE to lock in a 40% OFF discount on Content Samurai for LIFE and get over $1051 of marketing software for free!

… because the Black Friday deal disappears TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT!

Click here to grab the Mega Bundle:


Why do you need to master video marketing?

The fact is we now live in a “video first” world…

  • Over half a BILLION people are watching videos on Facebook every day!
  • YouTube users watch over 500 Million Hours of video every 24 hours!
  • In the next 4 years, video will account for over 80% of all Internet traffic!

The bottom line is, to succeed online, you now MUST create video, and Content Samurai is hands-down the fastest way to create videos to generate traffic, build trust, make sales and deliver your information.

So do the smart thing and claim your Ultimate Software Mega Bundle before it disappears at midnight tonight…

Click here to grab the Mega Bundle: Click Here Now!

One more.  This is a bigger package but it’s also a massive boost to your marketing efforts.

It can be extremely difficult to get any traction in this world of Internet marketing so getting the mentorship of a successful marketer can be invaluable.

The offer is for 6 months of 1:1 email and live chat coaching + Q&A webinars

The normal price for this s normally over $3,500 but just over Black Friday weekend it is available at either 6 payments of $197 per month or one payment of $997

Now I understand that this is quite a lot of money for anyone and perhaps most of you will not be able to afford it even at the $197 per month payment plan but for those who can afford it this will be the best money you invest in your business this year.

Have a look at the webinar at this link and make up your own mind if the benefits far outweigh the cost. Click here to register for the webinar.

That’s it for now.  I will wish you Happy Thanksgiving, if you don’t get this too late, and good luck finding bargains over this weekend.

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