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Residual Income – Is It A Necessary Part Of Life In 2019?

By definition, residual income denotes the amount of net income generated in excess of the minimum rate of return. On a more personal level, it refers to the level of income that an individual has access to once all expenses and debts have been paid. Having a stable residual income is an important part of […]

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Boost your retirement income with these key moves

This is a pretty good article on retirement income and investing but I take serious issue with the Motley Fool advertisement at the end of the article.They say that Warren Buffet made the bulk of his wealth after he turned 50, which is true, but then they say that this shows that it’s never too […]

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Part 2 of the Mindfullness videos.

Here is the second of the mindfulness videos I’ve collected for you.

If, as suggested in the previous video, we are all connected by energy waves then it makes sense that several people can have the same idea at the same time.

This talks about how we do heal ourselves or make ourselves ill by the way we think.

Be careful of what you say, words have power. Speak what you want not what you don’t want.

I don’t really remember where I first hear that but I can tell you from my own experience that it’s true.

This is not about positive thinking. It’s about what really goes on inside your head.

What you say to yourself, what you say to your partner, what you say to your kids, what you say to your dog or cat.

I have been telling my wife for the last 13 years that I always get a park near the door of wherever we are going, and I nearly always do.

I should have been telling her that I always win raffles and X-lotto…

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Control your money.

What is a Zero Sum Budget?

There are multiple ways to set up a budget, a zero sum budget makes sure every dollar is allocated a job to do.

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What Does Freedom Mean To You?

You may have an idea of that or you may not, yet. What I have for you today is a video, it’s a bit long because it’s a TedX Talk but I think it’s well worth your time to watch it all the way through. Even if you don’t want to do what this young […]

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The Future Of TV Is Here!

Imagine for a moment, switching on your TV and instantly finding a selection of curated content, perfectly suited to your current interests, passions and tastes. Now imagine that as your interests change, your TV automatically updates to always give you the perfect content whenever and wherever you need it. This individualized, curated content delivery IS […]

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The same is true of adults but we rarely think that way.

As a parent I had very fixed ideas about how to raise a child correctly. Give them firm rules to abide by until they got old enough to understand logic. There is no point in negotiating with a child before they at least can understand instructions and communicate their thoughts to you. That usually doesn’t […]

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Is It Too Late To Get Into Internet Marketing?

I can’t believe how often someone tries to tell me it’s too late to start an online business. Rubbish… Usually these are people who have never actually started on or, if they did, didn’t have any success with their venture. There are new businesses starting now and in the next 5 – 10 years which […]

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Do You Have a Buffer Savings Account?

How much money should you have in reserve? The reason for the question is that my wife and I were discussing whether or not to keep our Line of Credit open when it gets paid out in a weeks time. We have used this in the past to help the kids get cheap finance, it’s […]

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There’s an Old Saying, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Sometimes we don’t know how it’s broken so we don’t know what to fix. All we know is that something is not right. Sometimes it seems that whatever is not right isn’t in our power to fix. That’s not always true though. Sometimes the fix is so radical that we are reluctant to take the […]

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