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Lawmakers’ probe of British stockpicker and broking giant could shake up the fund industry, analysts say

This article is posted as a warning that you MUST do your own due diligence on any investment advice you get from any source, including this website. A post-mortem by British lawmakers and regulators into the suspension of the U.K.’s best known stockpicker’s flagship fund could expose some systemic flaws in the fund industry, analysts […]

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Residual Income – Is It A Necessary Part Of Life In 2019?

By definition, residual income denotes the amount of net income generated in excess of the minimum rate of return. On a more personal level, it refers to the level of income that an individual has access to once all expenses and debts have been paid. Having a stable residual income is an important part of […]

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Boost your retirement income with these key moves

This is a pretty good article on retirement income and investing but I take serious issue with the Motley Fool advertisement at the end of the article.They say that Warren Buffet made the bulk of his wealth after he turned 50, which is true, but then they say that this shows that it’s never too […]

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Are You Afraid Of Change?

I saw a collection jar on a retail establishment’s counter recently with a sign on it that read “Afraid of change? Leave it here.”

How good is that?

Some people will tell you that the only certainty in life is death and taxes.

I disagree, the only certainty in life is that it will change.

I see death and taxes as just another form of change.

Some people resist change, they want things to stay as they are right now.

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Do You Have a Buffer Savings Account?

How much money should you have in reserve? The reason for the question is that my wife and I were discussing whether or not to keep our Line of Credit open when it gets paid out in a weeks time. We have used this in the past to help the kids get cheap finance, it’s […]

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Everybody Knows That This Is The Fastest Way To The Money.

Everybody knows this is the fastest way to the money, guaranteed. How can I say that? Because this has been proven to work over and over again. In fact, this is the only thing all the top marketers have in common regardless of the market they are in. It also happens to be where they […]

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401k Retirement Plans Explained

Is a 401k a good plan for your retirement funding? This article may help you get a clearer picture of what they can do for you. For many employees they are an excellent option but they are not for everyone.

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Doesn't get any better.

Important Tips for a Secure Retirement.

Many people look forward to retire without being worried about who will pay their daily expenses and recurring bills. Living a financially secure retirement is the only way you can enjoy yourself as old age becomes an unravelling reality. The main objective of having a secure retirement plan is to help you maintain a preferred […]

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