The aims of this site.

The bulk of this site is aimed at those people 50 years old and older who are either concerned about their retirement funds being enough or who know they don't have enough for the type of retirement of they want.

What I am attempting to do is to provide the information you'll need to shed the unnecessary costs, tidy up your budget and then, if required, make more money or make better use of the money you have saved.

All of the information is gathered and distilled through my own experience and that of people I trust.

However, as with any information of a financial type, any actions you take on this information should be discussed with your own financial advisors first and it's at your own risk.

The reason for this is that, while I'll take all the steps I can to provide accurate and timely information, things can change extremely rapidly due to circumstances out of my and your control.

Wherever possible I'll steer you away from high risk things but the first rule of investing is that you never invest more money in any one instrument or scheme than you can afford to lose.

I really hate reading and hearing stories of people who have invested all their savings into some scheme which goes belly up and they lose the lot.

Don't do that OK?

About me.

I have just retired myself and I have been through all the steps you'll find on this site.

I'm happily married and my wife has also just retired.

She was the one who was most nervous about stopping going to work.  I had to produce a budget, that she agreed was realistic, to show that what our financial advisor was saying was a realistic income from our superannuation funds was actually enough for us to live on.

I'll show you what I used and how I set it up and even what assumptions I made.

We want to travel both inside Australia and overseas so that's included in the budget.

We have children and grandchildren to support and enjoy time with and we have some older parents etc. who also need our support.

I call ourselves the sandwich generation because we seem to be expected to support both sides of the age group.  We don't mind, I think that we are training our kids to expect to take care of us when we get a a lot more feeble and need their help.

We teach by example most of the time so try to set the example so that you get the benefits when it's your turn.

So what do I know about making money that you might be interested in?

I have had a business in the service industry which did OK.  I have sold all sorts of things, not that I would call myself a great salesperson but I did OK there as well.  I stopped doing that stuff because I saw it as too limiting.  I always wanted to have a passive income so I could keep getting paid for work I had previously done.

When the Internet came along I saw it as the answer to what I had been trying to achieve.

I've been online since the late 90's and the amount of spam I get daily reflects that.  However, I have built many websites, written lots of content, made videos, made pdfs, written some books, made some money and spent some money.

So I can help with all the technical stuff easily.

I can also help with creating the content you'll need and show you where to get the customers you'll need to be able to make the money you want.

There are three main ways to get what you want from the Internet.

I'll go through them on the other posts on this site.

When you want to talk with me you can do it through the comments or by signing up for the emails I'll send you.  Everyone of them can be replied to and my email address is at the bottom of all of them.

There is another way to get the support you might like but that is only offered through the emails.