Retirees: you could boost your passive income with these 3 simple steps.

When you take into account the franked credits available to Australian retirees these steps could make a very big difference to your retirement income, if you have the capital to invest. As with all investments, make sure you understand the ups and downs of the stocks you are investing in.  Professional advice is always a … Read more

3 questions to ask about your super fund

Superannuation has been a hot topic for many years in Australia, our Politicians keep wanting to play with it thinking that too many people are getting too much money in retirement and they should keep more of that money for wasting on useless projects in their own electorates. It’s never a good idea to let … Read more

Where to invest your first $1,000 in ASX shares

It’s always the big question for first time investors. Where do I invest?  I have always favoured blue chip stocks as the first step because the chance of screwing up and losing money is much reduced. This has a slightly different take on that so have a read. Yahoo Finance – Business finance, stock market, … Read more

Rolling Over Retirement Assets Creates Greater Retirement Income Adequacy

To determine how important rolling over defined contribution (DC) plan assets to an individual retirement account (IRA) or another DC plan at job change versus cashing out is to the current state of retirement income adequacy, the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) used its Retirement Security Projection Model (RSPM) to compare projected retirement deficits of … Read more