Retirees: you could boost your passive income with these 3 simple steps.

When you take into account the franked credits available to Australian retirees these steps could make a very big difference to your retirement income, if you have the capital to invest. As with all investments, make sure you understand the ups and downs of the stocks you are investing in.  Professional advice is always a … Read more

Where to invest your first $1,000 in ASX shares

It’s always the big question for first time investors. Where do I invest?  I have always favoured blue chip stocks as the first step because the chance of screwing up and losing money is much reduced. This has a slightly different take on that so have a read. Yahoo Finance – Business finance, stock market, … Read more

Lawmakers’ probe of British stockpicker and broking giant could shake up the fund industry, analysts say

This article is posted as a warning that you MUST do your own due diligence on any investment advice you get from any source, including this website. A post-mortem by British lawmakers and regulators into the suspension of the U.K.’s best known stockpicker’s flagship fund could expose some systemic flaws in the fund industry, analysts … Read more

How Do You Choose An Investment?

During the dotcom bubble of investing there was one company who, in their prospectus for their Initial Public Offering (IPO), stated that “We have a history of losses, and, because we expect our operating expenses to increase in the future, we may NEVER become profitable.”

Now that should have scared off the investors in a huge way but it didn’t. It still scares me.

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Safe Investing for Retirees.

safe investing

Safe Investing in the Stock Market … Really? If you’re looking for safe investing options then now is a good time to enter the stock market. Despite the political noise, the stock market is growing at a steady rate thanks to a stable economy. There’s also the fact that entering the stock market is a … Read more