Getting Rid of Debt

‘You need a budget’ and other bad financial advice

Stuff budgeting, YOLO. But if you don’t know where your money is going how the hell will you ever manage to keep control of it? The answer is, of course, that you won’t. A budget is only one part of money management, the rest of it is down to you and your ability to track […]

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Control your money.

What is a Zero Sum Budget?

There are multiple ways to set up a budget, a zero sum budget makes sure every dollar is allocated a job to do.

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Clearing debts is the key.

Do you owe anybody any money?

It’s a very rare individual who can honestly say no to that question. Most of us have borrowed money from someone at some stage. Now you probably have figured out that I’m not talking about the $20 you borrowed from your friend when you were out together. No, most of our borrowings are for things […]

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