Are You Afraid Of Change?

I saw a collection jar on a retail establishment’s counter recently with a sign on it that read “Afraid of change? Leave it here.”

How good is that?

Some people will tell you that the only certainty in life is death and taxes.

I disagree, the only certainty in life is that it will change.

I see death and taxes as just another form of change.

Some people resist change, they want things to stay as they are right now.

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How Do You Choose An Investment?

During the dotcom bubble of investing there was one company who, in their prospectus for their Initial Public Offering (IPO), stated that “We have a history of losses, and, because we expect our operating expenses to increase in the future, we may NEVER become profitable.”

Now that should have scared off the investors in a huge way but it didn’t. It still scares me.

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The Future Of TV Is Here!

Imagine for a moment, switching on your TV and instantly finding a selection of curated content, perfectly suited to your current interests, passions and tastes. Now imagine that as your interests change, your TV automatically updates to always give you the perfect content whenever and wherever you need it. This individualized, curated content delivery IS … Read more The Future Of TV Is Here!

The same is true of adults but we rarely think that way.

As a parent I had very fixed ideas about how to raise a child correctly. Give them firm rules to abide by until they got old enough to understand logic. There is no point in negotiating with a child before they at least can understand instructions and communicate their thoughts to you. That usually doesn’t … Read more The same is true of adults but we rarely think that way.

It’s a Big Mistake…So Don’t Do It OK?

The biggest mistake of all, which people still make every day, is believing they can do it all by themselves, without leveraging technology or the skills of others. To the best of my knowledge no-one has ever become great or successful without the guidance of another person. That person may have been an inspiring teacher, … Read more It’s a Big Mistake…So Don’t Do It OK?