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Australia’s Debt Costs to Surge Without Effort to Reach Net Zero

  Australia’s Debt Costs to Surge Without Effort to Reach Net Zero. At least that’s the claim.  Surge is an emotive word and without support from the article. In that the statement is that the interest on the debt could increase by 100 basis points, knowing full well that the bulk of the public won’t […]

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Aussies can save $2,300 by doing this, if you qualify.

Can ‘Going Green’ with your loans save you money? The answer to that question is a definite maybe. In the first place you have to qualify for a ‘green loan’. If you do then the interest rate charged will be lower than the rate for a similar but non-qualifying loan. A lower interest rate will […]

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Australia calls for global action to fight online misinformation

Online Mis-information is a scourge. But who should be drawing the line and calling it out? Marise Payne thinks it should be an International agreement and all governments should be on board with the rules. Not going to happen though, there are malicious actors who are determined to keep spreading false information to cause problems […]

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What happened when Microsoft Japan gave workers a 3-day weekend?

It seems that what employees have always thought is actually true. We are much more productive when we don’t have to spend as long at work. Yahoo Finance – Business finance, stock market, quotes, news wrote: Ever thought your meetings might be, well, pointless? An experiment by Microsoft has shown that sometimes they are.   […]

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How To Be More Productive: 17 Tips To Help You Live A Better Life

How much time do you lose each year looking for things that you can’t find?  Do you just go out and buy another one because of that? TBH, yes, sometimes.  Ususally I then find what I was looking for right where I put it away when I go to put away the new thing. I […]

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Does this resonate with you?

I have long thought that since everything is made up of energy and physics tells us that energy can neither be created or destroyed but only changed from one form to another that we must all be part of everything around us.

This video seems to provide some sort of confirmation of these thoughts and also perhaps explain the behaviours of some migratory animals, birds and insects.

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Are You Afraid Of Change?

I saw a collection jar on a retail establishment’s counter recently with a sign on it that read “Afraid of change? Leave it here.”

How good is that?

Some people will tell you that the only certainty in life is death and taxes.

I disagree, the only certainty in life is that it will change.

I see death and taxes as just another form of change.

Some people resist change, they want things to stay as they are right now.

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It’s a Big Mistake…So Don’t Do It OK?

The biggest mistake of all, which people still make every day, is believing they can do it all by themselves, without leveraging technology or the skills of others. To the best of my knowledge no-one has ever become great or successful without the guidance of another person. That person may have been an inspiring teacher, […]

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How to become more productive.

What do you want to get done?

‚ÄčI’m currently reading Pre-suasion by Robert Cialdini and found a few things that might help all of us be more productive.Productivity in producing content, making contacts, writing emails etc is one of the big factors in what will determine your success online or anywhere else.I know that I get distracted easily and I have a […]

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