How To Be More Productive: 17 Tips To Help You Live A Better Life

How much time do you lose each year looking for things that you can't find?  Do you just go out and buy another one because of that?

TBH, yes, sometimes.  Ususally I then find what I was looking for right where I put it away when I go to put away the new thing.

I hate that, I need to organise better.  That's one of the tips in here.

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner wrote:

Are you wanting to learn how to be productive?

Are you wanting to learn how to be productive? If you want to learn how to concentrate and how to have a productive day, then read this. #howtobeproductive #productivitytipsAre you feeling like you aren't as productive as you usually are? Or, perhaps life is really busy right now and you want to be able to manage it all better.

Many people struggle with how to be productive. We all have lots of things to do and sometimes ...

So how many of those 17 did you relate to?

I think I scored a solid 16/17 in that post.

Which ones do you already do?

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