What happened when Microsoft Japan gave workers a 3-day weekend?

It seems that what employees have always thought is actually true.

We are much more productive when we don't have to spend as long at work.

Yahoo Finance - Business finance, stock market, quotes, news wrote:

What happened when Microsoft gave workers a 3-day weekendEver thought your meetings might be, well, pointless? An experiment by Microsoft has shown that sometimes they are.


This has been tried in a number of companies and it seems to work.  Productivity increases when people are happier and people are happier when they don't spend too long at work.

What this really indicates is that most people don't like going to their jobs.

There might be a downside to this experiment though.

What happens when people get used to this and productivity drops again?

Do the companies then drop another work day?

I always said that if the boss paid me to stay away from work I'd do less damage.  None of them took me up on the idea though.

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