Australia calls for global action to fight online misinformation

Online Mis-information is a scourge.

But who should be drawing the line and calling it out?

Marise Payne thinks it should be an International agreement and all governments should be on board with the rules.

Not going to happen though, there are malicious actors who are determined to keep spreading false information to cause problems in other countries.

China and Russia are not the only ones actively working this area.

The big social media platforms should be policing this as actively as they police child porn, but they don't.

They think that anyone who disagrees with their views is spreading mis-information.

This is not true, there are always at least two sides to any story and both sides need to be discussed fairly and openly.

I may not like your beliefs but I will defend your right to have them and discuss them.

That is what free speech and democracy stand for.


Yahoo Finance - Business finance, stock market, quotes, news wrote:

Misinformation and government-sponsored attempts to stoke social disharmony online have become a hot political issue with critics accusing platforms like Facebook of failing to stop democracy being skewed by the content they host.

A former Facebook employee went public last month as having leaked documents which she said showed the company put profit over public safety, despite public pronouncements to the contrary, and enbled the Jan. 6 Capitol riot in the United States by turning off safety systems.

Facebook head of global affairs Nick Clegg told the panel it was up to governments to set misinformation rules.

"It is clearly not right that people like me, or sometimes (Facebook founder) Mark Zuckerberg or others, are having to make decisions about what sort of content can stay up or be taken down," said Clegg, a former British deputy prime minister.

Clegg is clearly full of it.  Facebook has always decided what information should be taken down and will kick people off if they don't agree with what they post while leaving people on who are clearly trolls or crooks.

It's all about their bottom line, not public safety or misinformation.


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