Are You Afraid Of Change?

Everything grows, celebrate the change.

I saw a collection jar on a retail establishment's counter recently with a sign on it that read "Afraid of change? Leave it here."

How good is that?

Some people will tell you that the only certainty in life is death and taxes.

I disagree, the only certainty in life is that it will change.

I see death and taxes as just another form of change.

Some people resist change, they want things to stay as they are right now.

Usually this is because they are afraid of losing what they have but they are also limiting their opportunities to have more or have better because they refuse to change.

Not all change is good but not all change is bad either. In fact change, in and of itself, is neither of those things.

Mostly it's not the change that's the problem, the problem is how we see the change and whether we either embrace it or reject it.

Unfortunately we often don't have a choice in whether the change happens or not but we do have a choice in how we react to it.

The really interesting thing I have found is that even what we see as a negative change can ultimately result in a much better outcome than we first thought.

When I went through my separation and subsequent divorce from my first wife I was devastated.

I was not prepared for this and I really didn't want it.

However it did free me up to meet and marry my current wife with whom I have a far better relationship than I had with my first wife.

It also allowed me to relocate and end up with a far better job and a much more comfortable retirement than I was facing at the time.

So, out of a truely horrible change I am now much happier and much more financially stable than I might have been if the change hadn't happened.

Sometimes the change needs to be initiated by you because the current situation is not working out for you or you just don't like it.

When you begin to make changes they are uncomfortable, you have to step outside the comfort zone to make some changes.

It doesn't matter what the changes are.

  • Perhaps more exercise.
  • Perhaps eating better and less.
  • Perhaps drinking less alcohol or sugary drinks and more water.
  • Perhaps changing your spending habits.
  • Perhaps training for a better/different job.

Whatever they are it's easy to slip back into the same old same old and then comfort yourself with "that's not for me, I don't know if I really want to do that anyway".

But that's BS and you know it in the back of your mind where the little voice says "but it might have worked, how might things have been if it had"?

Falling off the waggon doesn't mean you can't get back up, dust yourself off and jump back on. It get's easier the more you do it you know.

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