Do You Really Know Why You Would Do This?

Thank you for clicking to this next page.

You may have only come here out of curiosity and that's fine.

But you may have come here because something on the first page made sense to you and you think you fit reasonably well the characteristics I described.

If that is the case then you might like to join me in a new mentoring and mastermind group that I'm establishing.

Why would you want to join?

Well, the best way to get ahead is to hang out with people who are also trying to do similar things as you.

You won't find too many of them down the local pub.

You won't find too many of them on Facebook, there are some groups on Facebook that do have some of what you might be looking for although it will probably be a bit more general than you might need.

What you will have trouble finding is a mastermind group. These tend to be very limited in size and expensive if they are worth joining.

What that usually means is that those of us who are attempting to do new things such as this struggle to find like-minded people with whom we can discuss what we are doing, what's working and what's not.

It's not something you can discuss with your family, as a general rule. They often don't understand why you would want to do something different from the rest of the world.

It's so much easier to stick with the status quo or the average where the bulk of the population lives.

But you're not average are you.

There are things you want to do that do not fit the average.

Lucky for you there is a growing group of people just like you who are doing things differently. They want to find out how you can help them with your insights and accumulated knowledge.

They also want to help you with the things you want to do.

Don't think you have anything to contribute that's useful?

Of course you do. You have years of experience in life and work. It doesn't matter where you worked or what you have done, you still have insights into other peoples behaviors based on your own observations and your own life experiences.

Even if I worked in the same industry and the same place we would have different insights because we are different people with different life experiences.

Sometimes just asking the right question can trigger the insights we desire that can move us from a place of stuck to a place of moving forward again.

Having gone this far down the path to your goals, dreams and desires have they clarified for you?

What do you want to do that will bring more meaning to your life or the lives of others?

I was talking with my brother recently and he surprised me.

I thought I knew what he was about and where he stood on issues, mostly.

But he raised an issue that I wasn't aware he had particularly thought about.


Apparently, he has regularly given small change to a homeless man he sees when he is on his way home.

He has also, when he has had time, sat down with this person to have a small chat.

He did this again just after Christmas and, because he hasn't seen him for a while, he gave this gentleman a larger sum of money.

Now my brother is in that group we all know of as 'aging hippies' who haven't quite got past the 60s yet and still live alternative lifestyles and look it.

This gentleman was quite concerned about the size of the gift and inquired if my brother could afford such a sum of money. He was assured that it wasn't a problem.

The amount? $20.

For most of us that is less than we have been paid per hour when we worked. It's not a stretch for most budgets and many of us spend that amount on coffee in a couple of days.

So why am I relating this to you here?

Partly to let you know that any small change in your finances can have a big impact but mainly because of what my brother said next.

He said that if he won the lottery then he would want to do something to help eliminate homelessness.

I didn't know he was passionate about this issue, he always seemed more passionate about his football team.

It goes to show that even when we have known someone for many years we still don't know the depths of their character.

That has given me more impetus to grow this group out. Some of you will have loftier goals than just padding your retirement income and that's good too.

It's not a requirement to have lofty goals to be in the group. Sometimes you can't do more for others until you have stabilized your own environment and finances.

I will try to get my brother involved so he doesn't have to take the risky path of winning the lottery, which is unlikely and can still do something to reach the goals he hasn't even set yet.

That's part of my challenge for this year.

What's yours?

Here is your chance to request an invitation to join the group.

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This is not automated, I'm vetting all applications personally and manually so the invitation, should you qualify, might take a couple of days to come through but you will get a response from me.

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