3 questions to ask about your super fund

Superannuation has been a hot topic for many years in Australia, our Politicians keep wanting to play with it thinking that too many people are getting too much money in retirement and they should keep more of that money for wasting on useless projects in their own electorates. It's never a good idea to let any politician make changes to super that reduce the amount of money the retirees get, all that does is push more of them onto the pension fund that the Government takes from general revenue. That costs them more and more each year without any greater benefit. Yahoo Finance - Business finance, stock market, quotes, news wrote:
3 questions to ask about your super fundAre you asking the right questions when it comes to your superannuation fund?The post 3 questions to ask about your super fund appeared first on Motley Fool Australia. For most workers in Australia, superannuation is an unavoidable part of life. By law, employers must deposit at least 9.5% of your pre-tax salary/wages into a nominated fund, which you can’t access until retirement.
While some people think that they would be better off if they got that 9.5% as a salaru=y increase they are , mostly, wrong. The best investment you can make is into your superfund but, you shouldn't stop there. It is also in your best interests to create your own savings and retirement fund outside the Government mandated one. How are your investments going?
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