Confession is good for the soul, they say.

This has happened to all of you at least once and yet we almost never talk about it.

Because it hurts and we always avoid things that hurt.

I'm even having trouble writing about this but the quote above really hit a nerve and I knew that I had to write this post.

Which I'll do as soon as I can focus.

What I talking about is losing a loved one to death.

Part of the pain is the things left unsaid or undone until it was too late so there are feelings of guilt.

Part of it it knowing that we will not see them again in this life.

For some, it's harsh words or deeds which we regret and cannot correct or apologise for.

The bottom line here is that none of us know for certain what happens when we die.

There are those who claim that nothing happens, we die and that's it.

There are other who say that when we die we get to go to whatever version of heaven or hell their beliefs dictate based on how pious or good you were in life.

I miss my father the most of all my deceased relatives and friends and I know that Mum grieves him every day still, it's been 13 years.

We can suppress the pain but we never completely lose it and we get caught out by it from time to time.

I do take some comfort in my understanding of the universe and how I've come to view religious beliefs.

This is not supposed to be any sort of religious treatise and I am happy with you having whatever beliefs you already hold.

My beliefs encompass all religions including Atheism.

I have come to the understanding that all living things are the physical manifestations of a universal energy force.

This has a basis in science.

Physics says energy can neither be created nor destroyed but only transformed from one form to another.

Physics also says everything is made up of atoms, including you.

Atoms consist of layers of electrons around a core with the bulk of the space that an atom takes up being empty of anything physical.

OK, so is the bulk of an atom is the energy that hold it together and we are all made up of atoms then we are mostly made up of energy.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, doesn't that mean then that when our physical manifestation dies the energy must go somewhere else?

The character of a physical being is an insubstantial thing. No-one knows what it is or where it resides in the body but we do know it exists because we all have one and have had since birth so it's innate not learned.

While it is possible to mold a person's character for good or bad and we can do that ourselves if we so choose the basic character remains.

This is what I think constitutes the soul that religion talks about and we all have one.

I also think that this is the conduit to the universal energy force which surrounds us all since the entire universe is made up of atoms and therefore is mostly just energy.

When the Buddhists say "make me one with everything" they are not at the hamburger stand but they already are one with everything, and so are you.

I believe that this is how dogs know when we are coming home and go to sit by the door or front gate.

We are all connected to all living things, that's why more than one person can have the same idea at the same time but most won't do anything with it.

So now, even though I still feel the pain of losing loved ones, I know that we are still connected through the universal mind because their energy still exists, we just don't know how to communicate with them yet.

Some people claim to be able to. Some of those are frauds but not all of them.

All I know is that there are more things we don't know about the universe than the things we do know. In fact, there are more things that we don't even know we don't know in the universe than the facts that we do know for certain.

Next time you feel that someone is watching you or that you just saw someone who isn't there remember that they probably were but they don't exist physically any more.

"Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn't there!
He wasn't there again today,
Oh, how I wish he'd go away."

Wikipedia Link.

All we can do now is learn to not hold back. Tomorrow may be too late.

Tell those we love that we do.

Patch up those hurtful statements and deeds, make peace wherever possible.

If those you've wronged can't accept your contrition that's their karma not yours.

Hug someone today, randomly if you have to but preferably someone who will not be offended by that.

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