Is Retiring From The Workforce Attractive To You?

It certainly was for me in early 2018.

There were several triggers for me that firmed up my resolution to begin the retirement phase of my life.

The first was one of my work colleagues who died suddenly. He was only in his 40s and not overweight so this was a shock for all of us.

The second was another young man who I had known from my TAFE days and at work, we worked at the same place in different roles.

He also had a young family but he had contracted MND and had been gradually deteriorating for years. I knew he wasn't going to live, as did he, but it was still very sad to go to his funeral.

Also, in the last few years, there have been other colleagues who had passed away after only being retired for less than a year or didn't quite make it to retirement.

I decided that I couldn't wait any longer and had to get out so I could get on with the things I had been putting off until I was retired.

You may feel the same when you witness the people you know not getting to do the things they always wanted to do.

The biggest problem with making these big decisions is usually that family and friends want to stop you. They try to block you with statements like "You're too old to be doing that." or "How will you make a living at that?".

Even your wife or husband may be resistant because it seems that you are taking away their security, the steady, reliable pay-cheque.

You may have discovered the same things I did years ago. As we get older we care less about what other people think and start taking better care of ourselves.

This is not to say we become selfish because we do still provide the emotional, physical and financial support to our significant others as required but we also take more time to take care of our own needs.

In reality, I have found that taking better care of myself has resulted in me taking better care of others as well perhaps because I feel better about me.

There are things I want to do all of which require a bit more money than I have managed to accumulate in my superannuation account, which is enough to live on comfortably but not enough to do the additional things I want to do.

Some of them I can do with no additional income as they are very low-cost things but they couple into things that are not low-cost.

You'll find other posts on this site which reference other reasons for taking the path I'm going down now and why I'm doing what I'm doing.

To reiterate a little here I am planning to create several ways of making additional money by using the massive reach of the Internet but doing it in ways that don't require a full-time commitment or even an everyday commitment.

Why do I think I can do this?

I have been online since the middle of the 90s and watched the growth of marketing online to the point where there are some people making an extremely good living from their activities.

Mostly, though, I don't like the way they go about their activities. I think they use some fraudulent methods to gain massive email lists and then they hammer them with offers which are generally of no interest to them.

In general, the offers are not of interest but the list is so big that they still make a lot of money.

Yes, they do burn out their lists and have to keep adding lots of new people to the list to maintain their incomes.

This method, which they charge big money to teach, is not sustainable and I doubt that I could do this and sleep well at night.

It's kind of important to me that I feel good about what I do so that I never feel that anyone who buys something through me or from me is not going to get good value from it.

It has to help them to make a change in some positive way or I refuse to market it.

I'm certain that my attitude has resulted in me not making anywhere near as much money as I could have over the years but I don't have any trouble living with myself.

Partly because I decided many years ago that I didn't need to be a millionaire to live the millionaire lifestyle.

This decision freed me up from the drive to make and accumulate money and allowed me to concentrate on what is more important to me.

Helping other people short cut their way to making some online income through mentoring and other help that I can provide because of my many years of testing all the different models available.

I can't tell you how much I have spent over the years because I don't know but it would be in the 5 figure range somewhere.

I have bought software that didn't work properly or at all, ebooks with 'great new hacks' that might have worked for a short time before the ebook was published or possibly not worked at all, attended webinars that were little more than a pitch-fest for an overpriced training program which also didn't work etc.

What I have learned over those years of study is that there is a massive amount of money available on the Internet and there are many, many people who will pay for what they see as value.

What I have also learned is that the failure rate on the Internet for those who would like to make some additional money or a full-time living is actually higher than the failure rate for bricks & mortar businesses.

In the off-line world, where we all actually live, the failure rate of business startups is around 60% by their third year.

Overall less than 40% of startups survive 3 years and probably less than 40% of those last for 10 years or more.

In the online world it's worse. Fully 98% fail and give up in their first year.

Why such a difference?

I think it comes down to three things other than the poor choice of market.

  1. Lack of meaningful activity.
  2. Total lack of tracking.
  3. No mentor to guide you in your activity or coach you through the tough bits.

It's my belief that proper mentoring, training or coaching is the key to overcoming those appalling statistics.

That is why I am setting up a group.

That's why I think I can help you.

That's why I'm only allowing a limited number of committed people into the group.

And that's why it's by invitation only.

If you are in a position to actually do what is required to create additional income.

If you can follow instructions and guidance.

If you have the desire to pad your retirement income.

You might be the type of person I'm looking for.

This person is not stony broke, I can't help you yet, you will need some disposable income, not much but some.

This person has a reasonably good command of English, I don't have any other languages, sorry.

This person has a couple of uninterrupted hours most days to start this off, that can change later to suit your circumstances.

This person is open to learning new things and is not scared of their computer.

They do not need to be a geek just capable of using email, a web browser and a tool to write stuff in like notepad or word.

Is this you? Click this link to continue.

If not, thank you for reading this far, I wish you all the best.