Personnel Changes in the Retirement Industry

All industries change personnel on a regular basis it seems.

The retirement planning industry is no exception.

A distrubing statement from one of those moving house is this:-

“Retirement coverage is among the biggest societal problems we have in this country,” Grantz says. “Less than two-thirds of working Americans have access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan, and of the group with access, only 20% to 40% are on track to successfully retire and replace their paycheck in a way that is sustainable for the rest of their life. That is why we are facing elder poverty issues in this country.” 

People get older and retire from the workforce regardless of the jobs they do.

When your culture is based on paying people the minimum amount possible most of those law-paid workers barely earn enough to live on while they are working and struggle to put anything aside for their retirement.

No amount of education on why you need to send money ahead for the future makes any difference when you can hardly pay your rent and eat healthy.

No amount of B.S. about being 'lazy' or 'unmotivated' as the reasons why everyone isn't rich and successful cuts the mustard.

There is also the problem of poor quality education, lack of decent jobs even for those who are qualified, and bosses who get rich while holding back on their employees.

However, there are answers that can and do work.

Everyone can start a side hustle on the Internet and generate some additional income.  The amount will depend on what you do and how scaleable it is, but the big advantage is when you get one working you know how to get another working.

You'll get more information on how to do this on Web Marketing Tips for the over 50s.

To read more about the personnel changes follow the link below.


John Manganaro wrote:

Integrated Pension Services names new sales-focused managing director; WIPN announces 2022 board composition; Relational Gravity hires principal consultant; and more.

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