The Real Secret in Plain Sight…

Everyone who has ever started on the journey to make either a little extra money or a job crushing income from the Internet has thought that there must be a secret that was not being shared or sold to them.

I know I thought this for many years, I also thought that Google was deliberately impeding me, no I'm not really paranoid.  They are impeding me and you and it is deliberate but it's not directly targeted at you or me.

That's a story for another post.

For this post, the idea came from Kimberley Collins' article here.

It's a rather fascinating summary of a report they commissioned on how big business uses the data they collect about you and others who visit their sites.

This is what the big companies are doing, so should you.

So what does this have to do with you or me?

This is the secret that will take your online marketing efforts and mine to new levels in 2019 and beyond.

And it was never a secret.  It has always been mentioned but never highlighted in anything that I have been aware of.

But, I recently discovered that ALL the top Internet marketers do this and I suspect that NONE of the wannabes do.  I didn't until just recently when I found a website which makes this easy.

Yeah, I know.  You use Google Analytics.  You use Facebook tracking.  You use heat tracking.  You use that split-testing plugin on your WordPress blogs.

So do/did I but you know what?  None of them give you all the information you need or even want.  They give you bits of it and you can't easily collate it all together so, while you might know how much traffic hit your website and how long it stayed you have no idea that 1/2 the traffic is actually bots, not people.

I have a website, name to be ignored here, which gets about 1,000 visitors per day.  There is no activity on that website.


It's ALL bot traffic, I get maybe 1-2 human visitors per week.

What does that mean for my Internet marketing efforts on that site?  Absolute waste of time and effort.

I have to admit I was tearing my hair out, what little I have left, trying to figure out why I couldn't get any comments or activity from those who visited.

Now I know.  I can do something about it because I have real information that I can act on and I can tell when things change and how they change.

Have you ever run an Adwords, Bing or Facebook campaign and had lots of traffic, which you paid for, but didn't get enough sales to break even?  I have had many of those.

Did you know you were paying for bot traffic?  They know but take your money anyway.

What about Solo ads?  Guess what!  Same.  They also send bot traffic, they are not always aware of it themselves but it screws up your stats and makes it difficult to make your campaigns profitable.

At the moment I'm testing a very simple method for newbies to break into profit as quickly as possible with only buying one product.

It is the one thing which they'll always use and will never go out of fashion online.

To find out more about how to use tracking to massively improve your marketing efforts just go here.

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