Trying to Find the Best Deal Is Keeping You Poor

Do what rich people do, not what poor people do.

In this excellent aricle Will explains why playing the bargain hunting and coupon clipping game are a waste of your time and effort.

You could be building up better value for yourself by playing the game the way rich people do.

There is a reason they are rich and it's not what most losers think.

Most of them deserve their success, not all but most.

Don't focus on the wrong ones, watch what the others do and emulate that if you want to be like them.

Will Lipovsky wrote:

Poor people try to find the best deal. Rich people have better things to do.

At least as far as small purchases are concerned.

Think about it. Many poor and middle-class people do anything they can to save a buck. They clip coupons, drive across town to get $5 off, wake up incredibly early for Black Friday deals...

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