Are these the 5 reasons commercial property is a good investment right now?

Perhaps not as good as you might think.

While I can understand where the writer is coming from, and I hope they are right (I have an exposure to commercial real estate) I suspect thet they might be a tad overenthusiastic.

Currently residential rental vacancy rate is sub 1% in every city in Australia and renters are offering rnets above the asking price to get into a place.

If you already own a property this is a greata place to be, but if you are looking to buy a property to rent I think you have missed the boat.

You'll have to wait a few years until things cool down a bit more.


Yahoo Finance - Business finance, stock market, quotes, news wrote:

  1. Flight towards cash flow.
  2. Increasing rents.
  3. Yield compression
  4. Post-COVID boom
  5. Still not mainstream

I find it difficult to follow the logic, it seems to me to be more a case of "I had to find something to write about" than a well researched article.

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