Al Gore warns of $29 trillion ‘bubble’ in global economy

Since Mr. Gore is the Chairman of an investment company his comments can be seen as being loaded with self-interest.  His credibility with respect to his Climate Warrior credentials are also questioned because he recently bought a seaside villa in addition to only installing solar panels 3 years ago on his mansion in Tennessee.  He did this after criticism that his 10,000 sq ft home had a bigger carbon footprint than a small town.  This does not look like the behaviour of a man who believes what he says. On that basis you can make your own assessment of the validity of this statement.    Yahoo Finance - Business finance, stock market, quotes, news wrote:

Gore is best known these days as a climate warrior but he is also the chairman of Generation Investment Management LLP. He says those caught on the wrong side of the coming transition to sustainable energy stand to lose billions.

While traditional energy prices including oil have soared in recent months as the developed world emerges from lockdowns, Gore is warning of a "subprime carbon bubble".


I think he is right that Hydrogen is the fuel of the future, alongside geo-thermal, hydro and nuclear.

It is not wind or solar even with expensive batteries, they will always be with us but only as intermittent supply.

The other article linked to on Hydrogen is also wrong, there are at least two companies that I know of that are producing green Hydrogen in a cost effective manner.

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