Boost your retirement income with these key moves

This is a pretty good article on retirement income and investing but I take serious issue with the Motley Fool advertisement at the end of the article.

They say that Warren Buffet made the bulk of his wealth after he turned 50, which is true, but then they say that this shows that it's never too late to invest, which is also true.

What they don't say, and this is misleading by omission, is that that vast amount of money he made after 50 came from the magic of compound interest, not investing as such.

If you start investing at 50 you won't begin to see the magic of compounding kick in until you are 65. Sorry to disillusion you but the math doesn't lie.

The chart below from JP Morgan shows how one saver (Susan) who invests for only 10 years early in her career, ends up with more wealth than another saver (Bill), who saves for 30 years later in life.
By starting early, Susan was able to better take advantage of compound interest.

Chris, the third saver profiled, is the ideal: He contributed steadily for his entire career.

Other than that the article is good, enjoy.

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