Part 2 of the Mindfullness videos.

And you thought you were on your own inside there.

If, as suggested in the previous video, we are all connected by energy waves then it makes sense that several people can have the same idea at the same time.

We know this has happened in the past and there are many inventions that have been claimed by more than one person working independently.

Some of this has been explained by the general growth in knowledge across the globe which leads to inventions that couldn't have happened without the prior base knowledge.

While this is true I prefer to think of it as we are all connected and an idea in one head also occurs in other heads.

If the recipient is paying attention at the time and takes action on it the resulting invention gets to be claimed by more than one person.

Many people who get these ideas either don't have the skills, ability or the inclination to take them further but some of them do.

When two people are close and either have lived or worked together for a time they will often have similar ideas at the same time.

Twins and other multiple siblings do it all the time but they are a special case having grown together since conception. Their bond is much closer than most people manage to get.

Coming back to the video above, all our thoughts are part of the universal connection which I call the Universal Mind and all our religions accept the Universal Mind, they just call it God.

I know that some of you reading this will disagree with me and I'm fine with that.

Why don't you leave a comment telling where and why I'm wrong?

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