Track expenses.

Personal Finance Tips: How to Manage Debts and Enhance Your Income

Track expenses.
Your computer and a spreadsheet are your friends.

As far as personal finance is concerned, it is very important that you take control of your expenditure by always keeping track of your spending. Always. If you want to get rid of debt from your life and increase income, you must not only create a financial plan for your situation but also make sure that you stick to it. Regular tracking of your expenditure helps one follow up on their daily spending and always ensure that you don’t overspend. This way, you will be able to minimize your costs where necessary and be on your way towards financial freedom. Below we discuss Top Six Personal Finance Tips:

1) Build an Emergency Fund

There are so many things in life that can be unpredictable: getting ill, an unexpected firing from a job, accidents and even death. Although we can’t be fully prepared for all these things, we can at least be financially ready for some or most of their adverse effects on our lives. Build an emergency fund for your rainy day. You can either use conventional saving plans via banks or come up with your own DIY way of saving.

2) Work Towards Improving Your Debt Situation

When you are in debt, rather than whining and regretting, start by accepting your situation. Once you have accepted that you are in a challenging situation that needs a solution, then you can move to the next step: finding a solution. Hating and blaming yourself for being in excessive debt doesn’t solve anything. Clouding your mind with self-denial, regrets and self-pity will only make your situation worse. You need to put your entire mind and efforts into working towards making your personal finances better.

3) Minimize Your Monthly Expenditure

Look around your household. How many ways can you find to bring your utility bills to a lower minimum? For instance, you can buy a programmable thermostat that is capable of automatically switching on whenever necessary so as to reduce energy consumption. If gasoline prices go up, do you also let your monthly gas expenditure double at a time when you are also struggling with other costs and debts? Absolutely not! You could, for example, avoid taking unnecessary car trips to minimize on gas costs. Another way to reduce your monthly spending is minimizing your trips to the local grocery. Why waste money on gas to the grocery every single day yet you can buy stuff in bulk?

4) Supplement Your Earnings

In simple language, what we are saying is: get more cash into your pocket! Create or look for opportunities to make more money and increase income. For those bills, debts and expenditures you can’t avoid or reduce, then enhance your ability to pay them! In addition to your weekday job, get a supplementary weekend job. You can also work online alongside your other roles at work. Nowadays there are so many opportunities for online work. In addition to paying off some of your most pertinent debts, the extra income can help a lot towards improving your quality of life by adding to your regular income.

5) Get Rid of Unnecessary Costs

If you evaluate your lifestyle and personal finance carefully, you will find a number of unnecessary expenditures that you can eliminate from your life. For instance, if you are a stay-at-home mother, why should you enroll your children at a daycare center when you are available to take even better care of them at your home? You can also do without some expensive adult grooming like new manicures and hairstyles every week. You can also eat out less regularly, reduce entertainment expenditure and take fewer car wash trips. When things are tough financially, take steps to pamper yourself less.

6) Consider Shared Insurance

Insurance options are as many as you can imagine. In case you have been using an expensive health insurance, for example, and you find yourself struggling to pay up because you have been retrenched from your job, why not go for a cheaper option like shared insurance? As you look for a new job posting, such a less pricey alternative could help you minimize your monthly spending and manage your personal finances better.


Now that the economy isn’t very pocket-friendly, you don’t have to stress yourself. Take steps to minimize your expenditure as much as you can, increase income, get rid of debts and generally work towards improving your financial situation. With good planning and a number of sacrifices in your lifestyle, you can still effectively manage your personal finances, avoid unnecessary debts and costs, and enjoy your life.

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