When looking for solutions do you start with the problem?

Youth is the gift of nature but age is a work of art.

How is that image relevant to the question?

It seems to me that, as society speeds up, the media gets more and more focused on the youth market and ignores the older demographic.

If people really are searching for solutions to all of the supposed problems of our world do you think it would be of benefit to us all if they started by actually defining the problem fully before throwing solutions at us?

Let's start with the one that's taken over the media and a lot of political time over the last 10 years or so.

Climate Change.

It used to be called Global Warming but someone realised that sometimes it actually cools down. Ever heard of Ice Ages?

Now I'm not denying that the climate changes, there are excellent records that I think clearly prove that. Been happening since the planet formed.

I read somewhere that the species that survive do so because they adapt to change not fight it.

Currently our modus operandi appears to be focused on fighting the changing climate to stop it.

Probably the most stupid possible decision that has been made by people who have not thought about and defined the problem clearly.

My thoughts on this are that we, as a race, should be figuring out how we can adapt to the changing climate so we survive. We can't win a fight against Mother Nature, we already know that.

OK, what about the problem of the aging population? This keeps getting defined as an ever increasing cost to the younger population who think they have to pay for all the housing, health care etc. of these older people through their taxes.

Yet again, wrong thinking.

They don't seem to understand that whatever reductions they make to the care of us in the form of housing, health, etc. are what they'll have to live with when they get here, if they live long enough.

Or, they think that pushing out the retirement age will solve the problem, keep them working longer. That's fine for those in sedentary jobs but doesn't work for those who work physical jobs.

So they haven't defined the question fully. The question is "What happens when we get old?"

The answer is probably to make sure all older people are still self-funded rather than drawing on the tax dollars. But to do that they have to stop playing around with the pension and retirement rules because it takes years to get set up for retirement, as you would know.

Unfortunately, that's not likely to happen so we have to do something different so we don't have to rely on the young people to look after our interests, they won't.

That's why I have set up this blog and the Patreon membership site.

You can find out more about the philosophy and motivations behind this here.

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